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Questions You Should Be Asking

There are a few things everyone should know about themselves and their tax preparer and/or bookkeeper......if you haven't already asked the questions below, now is the time to ask them!

If I prepare my own return, do I really want to personally respond to any letters and/or notices I get?

If I prepare my own return and were to be audited, am I confident enough in my knowledge and record keeping to represent my best interest during the process?

How long have your tax preparers been preparing tax returns?

What types of returns do you prepare?

How many deficiency notices have your preparers caused?

Do your preparers have any special tax training?

Are your tax preparers available year round?

Do your tax preparers offer other services?

Do your tax preparers change from year to year?

Do your tax preparers sell unnecessary insurance?

Where did your preparers learn to prepare returns?

Are each of your preparers individually registered with the IRS?

Do your basic fees include a guarantee or is there an extra charge?

If I receive an IRS notice or letter or if I am audited, will the preparer who prepared my return respond and be involved in resolving the issue and/or attending the audit process?

Questions You Should Be Asking: FAQ
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