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Coronavirus: Informational Links

Usually we would be getting ready to wrap up the year’s tax season over the next few days, but there isn’t much that is going in the usual way for 2020. Our office remains open for drop off, pickup, phone calls, and electronic communication, but rather than wrapping up the season for 2020, we are keeping a close eye on the news, researching daily about new developments from the IRS, the TDOR, and the SBA, and hoping our community is able to stay safe in this trying time. As the current situation is unprecedented for everyone and the various departments in charge of taxpayer and business relief are releasing new information, procedures, and deadlines daily, we have shared a few links below to help our clients and community find some answers. Please comment if you have a question that others may have, as well!! If you have a question you would rather not ask in a public forum or just feel better asking one on one, please feel free to email, message, or call us if there is anything we can help with!

IRS (news from the federal level):

TDOR (news from the state level):

SBA (news from the Small Business Administration):

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